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IT Outsourcing & Team Augmentation

We are filling the competency and capacity gaps in your company's most important software development projects by augmenting your internal team with experts sourced from the best tech talent pool in Hungary.

Companies that trust our work

BORN Group Sportradar Dorsum

Top talents in Web2 and Web3

We are helping companies to thrive in the rapid-changing Web based internet ecosystem. Innovations such as smartphones, mobile internet access and social networks have driven the exponential growth of Web2 while Web3's defining features are decentralization and trustlessness, artificial intelligence and ubiquity.

We are working hard to become a key player in the Hungarian software development outsourcing market. Having access to the local top talent pool and working in a team augmentation model, we can ensure to add competency smoothly to your most important Web projects.

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Top talents

When you hire a remote team through our company, you gain access to the best tech talent in Hungary.

Fast Hiring & Onboarding

We source the most experienced developers to ensure fast onboarding on your software projects.

Oversight and Control

Integrated with your processes, reporting to your project management on daily status meetings.

HR development

We constantly improve the skills and competencies of your outsourced team.

Local compliance

Our model ensures the full legal and regulatory compliance in Hungary.


Team augmentation and outsourcing is a flexible and cost-effective model to your company.

We are looking for tech talents to join our team

We are looking for enthusiastic, bright and talented developers to join our team. Please check our open positions and if any of them fits your skills, get in touch with us to further discuss your growth opportunities within our team.

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Open positions

Adobe Magento

Adobe Magento Developer / Tech Lead

We are looking for backend developers and tech leads to take part in the largest Adobe Magento based e-commerce implementation projects.

Remote (Hungary) Senior Developer / Tech Lead
Front-end Developer

Front-end Web Developer

We are looking for Vue.js and React developers for the design and implementation of user interfaces of the most innovative e-commerce websites.

Remote (Hungary) Senior Developer
Web3 Developer

Web3 Smart Contract Developer

We are looking for Solidity smart contract developers with extensive experience in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Remote (Hungary) Senior Developer